True story that I heard second hand so I’m not sure exactly how it went down: Kraftwerk were playing the Hollywood Palladium back in 1998 (Rolling Stone review).  One of their agents introduced himself to the band backstage before the show.  They hadn’t met previously.  One of the Kraftwerkers refused to shake his hand, not out of any personal slight but because he was so persnickety about any dirt, oil or impurity getting on his keyboard he was unwilling to risk contamination by shaking hands.  That just seems like the most Kraftwerkian story ever.  I was never much of a fan but I have to say that the band was fucking incredible that night.  On paper, a bunch of stiff Dusseldorffians on stage pressing buttons is hardly the E Street Band, but there was something so unique about the experience that I was won over.  Similarly, while Trans Europe Express is hailed as a electro masterpiece (#238 on RS’s Top 500 Albums of All Time), I have to say that without context, the music is a bit hard to appreciate.

6 Word Review: Don’t Get Schmutz On My Keyboard