I’m no good at the best *songs* of the year lists. I spend a ridiculous amount of time contemplating my top 10 albums of the year, leaving little room to debate which songs are better or worse than others. Besides, if you want to get a well rounded list of the best songs of the year, look no further than the ultimate Dadrocker himself – Barack H. Obama. Even in his post-presidency, how he finds the time to listen to the latest from Snail Mail or Mdou Moctar makes me think he must have a weekend gig as a stock boy at Amoeba.

Instead of a ranking list, I put together a random collection of standout songs from 2021. I even parodied the format of Spotify’s “This Is” lists with the cute little dumpster fire character that seems to sum up the last couple forevers….I think the playlist turned out pretty swell…let me know what you think. Rock on!