I’m irrationally excited to see Kendrick at the Crypt tonight. I feel like I’m in a bit of a concert loop these days, seeing the same bands every they come through town. Looking forward to seeing the current Greatest Rapper Alive for the first time.

In the run up to Lamarpalooza this week, I’ve listened to a different Kendrick album each day, in reverse chronological order. Each one is so fucking great. It becomes akin to dinner at Carbone. Consider your choice via the enormous menu (representing the vast consistency of KL’s catalog): do you go for the dependable Tortellini al Ragu (Good Kid, MAAD City)? Maybe you take down a sprawling, rich Prime Porterhouse (To Pimp A Butterfly)? You can’t go wrong with the Lobster Fra Diavolo (DAMN.). All great choices, all deserving of a generous tasting, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Which brings us to Mr. Morale. I’m of two minds about this album. On the one hand, I get it – it doesn’t have a signature Kendrick anthem like “Alright” or “HUMBLE.” On the other, It seems to suffer from how we tend to listen to music these days – playlist dependent, with not enough time spent really experiencing albums. Throw Mr. Morale on, and crank that shit UP -you will be listening to the best not just hip hop, but all of popular music, has to offer today. I’ve avoided reading much about the Big Steppers tour, but I patrolled the Kendrick Lamar Reddit board to find set times and saw mentions about how the show really brings the new album to life. CANT FUCKING WAIT