The DJ Dyllie Dally Origin Story: Last year my daughter took an Intro to Radio class at UC Santa Cruz, which allowed her to pitch and produce/host her own show. Her idea: “Music From My Dad”, a weekly themed show where she would share music that I shared and helped her discover. They loved the idea and greenlit it for a Monday morning slot weekly at 10AM PDT. Each episode would feature a conversation between myself and my daughter DJ where we talk music. How fucking cool is that?

If you know me (and if you’re reading this, you probably know me), you know about my life’s mission to turn my kids on to good music. I mean, the blog is called Dadrock for the love of god. When she told me her proposed show’s concept, I almost teared up. My daughter DJing a show about my musical influence on her, to say I was verklempt is the yiddish understatement of a lifetime.

I will leave you with this. As as the case with all public radio, KZSC relies on fundraising as one of the main drivers to keep the lights on. It is perhaps the only form of broadcast media controlled by students, not robots, algorithms or corporate shills. But nothing in life is free, and I urge you, whether you are a listener, a friend, a family member or just someone who cares about culture and humanity to donate to KZSC via this link. Pro tip – claim one of the items on the right side of the page as part of your donation. Go ahead, you deserve it.

In case you missed it, below is a link to this week’s episode of Music From My Dad with DJ Dyllie Dally and yours truly. This week’s episode: Modern Ear Worms. This is a fun one! Rock on. 🤘