A reoccurring series where your favorite writer listens to an album at Maximum Volume™, and writes some random shit about it.

Went to see Harvest Time, a documentary about the making of Neil Young’s 1972 epic Harvest. Saw it in a real life movie theater, no less. The film was equally a fascinating time capsule of the making of a masterpiece, and bit of a head scratcher. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy seeing Neil in his mid twenties, at the height of his creative powers, composing songs that I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. It’s just an odd setting to watch what at times felt like a bonus DVD in the theater. Also, a preponderance of footage was devoted to album closer “Words (Between The Lives Of Age)” – an epic song to be sure, but probably the least commercial track on the album. And when I say preponderance, it seemed like 50% of the footage was centered on this track’s recording. Apparently they were missing studio footage of a few of the more popular tracks like “Old Man” and “Needle And The Damage Done”.

That being said, Harvest Time is a fascinating document of a moment in time. Sign me up for documentaries on any classic album made in the 60’s/70’s where cameras are rolling. It is also a sad reminder of the lamentable fact that Neil removed his catalog from Spotify. A worthy stance, sure, but when the streaming platform is your primary music source, not having Neil Young tracks in the mix is like when you go to a Laker game, only to find out that LeBron is sitting this one out. Something major is missing. I wish there was another way. I’m going to have to settle for listening to his albums on vinyl and dust off those old CDs. Sigh.