Welcome back to Schnide’s 5™️. I’ve been on the road for a bit, and thus delinquent in updating this series. For that I sincerely apologize. Here’s what’s on tap to kick off your weekend.

Inhaler, “Love Will Get You There

Did you know that Bono’s son is the lead singer a band called Inhaler? Allow me to rephrase; how did I NOT know that Bono’s son is the lead singer of a band called Inhaler? I came across this information in the most embarrassing of ways – via a video that popped up in my feed of Matt Damon singing the band’s praises. Nothing against Mr Borne, but I delusionally consider myself the grand poobah of Dadrock. Getting a music tip from Matt Damon is sorta like a little leaguer giving hitting tips to Mookie Betts. My initial expectation was that Elijah Hewson would supress the creative assets he inherited from his papa to create an unexpected sound. Then I thought about it, and in fact, whether you’re talking about Jakob Dylan, Justin Townes Earle, or Julian Lennon, it’s more common than not for the kids to retain some musical lineage from their folks. That is certainly the case here – Inhaler sound like early Boy-era U2 meets All That You Can’t Leave Behind-era U2. Hewson unapologetically wears his heart on his sleeve, the proverbial apple not falling far from the tree. The biggest surprise is actually how good they are. My expectations were low, but Inhaler won me over quickly. I still can’t get over that this band existed without my knowledge. Am I slipping?

The Last Dinner Party, “Nothing Matters”

I’m often fascinated by how bands break in the UK. Due to the size of the country, and (at least back in the day) the power of British music mags, bands would break big as though they were headed for global domination (often magazines like NME or Q would invoke the “(insert band here) is headed for global domination!!!” headline as though they were reporting on the USSR during the Cold War). For every Oasis, Blur or U2 there are countless Speech Debelles or Skunk Anansies, lost at sea trying to cross the pond. The Last Dinner Party are perhaps the latest buzz band to enter the UK hype machine, with breathless reviews of their first hit single, “Nothing Matters.” Time will tell if they register over here, but I dig this cheeky track.

Disclosure “Higher Than Ever Before”

In the world of electronic music, no one is doing anything more interesting than Fred Again… It seems like everything Fred puts out is just, different. With their latest release Alchemy, I have to include Disclosure in that discussion as well. For me, great electronic music has to work on multiple levels, and serve as the soundtrack for a variety of tasks – driving around town, working out, chilling at home whilst eating peanut butter filled pretzels, whatever. Disclosure nails it here.

Genesis Owusu, “Tied Up!”

Speaking of different, Genesis Owusu is an artist on the rise by being his own dude. You can fit the number of hip hop artists from overseas (Genesis is from Australia) who break in the US on the head of a pin – Dizzee Rascal, anyone? But Genesis Owusu seems poised to break that mold with a sound that is more universally funky and unique than local and colloquial. New album out 8/18, just in time for that late summer pool party where you want to throw on a track and have your guests think you are cooler than you actually are.

Grateful Dead, “Wave That Flag”

Let’s pour one out (take a hit off a roach?) for the end of Dead & Co, who, if you believe that it’s really over, wrapped up their long strange trip with a weekend of shows in San Francisco last weekend. Of all of the post-Jerry Garcia Dead lineups that came along since he passed, Dead & Co were by far the most compelling. Seeing them in concert was the closest you could get to the real Dead back in the day. John Mayer was an absolute revelation, filling Garcia’s ginormous shoes and playing his guitar parts better than the legend did in his waning years. The good news is we are left with a seemingly infinite number of live recordings of the Grateful Dead throughout the years. The most recent reissue is a fifty year old gig from RFK Stadium in DC. “Wave That Flag” is an early version of “US Blues”, which came out the following year on From The Mars Hotel, and it’s cool to hear the band in their prime working out new material.

Happy listening.

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