Welcome back to Schnide’s 5™️, Dead Ringers Edition.

I thought we had seen the best television programming of the year, in particular because of the WGA and SAG strikes. Then I started watching Dead Ringers on Amazon Prime Video. Holy smokes. A remake of the David Cronenberg film from 1988, Dead Ringers starts Rachel Weisz performing the twin roles in unison. Weisz is a fantastic actress, and her performance here is astonishing. The way the two Rachels perform these two twisted sisters performing off each other is a master class. Often has my brain forgotten it’s the same actress performing with some sort of studio trickery. Dead Ringers checks all the boxes for me – intense, well written, awesome performances, dark enough to get the side eye from my wife. The use of music in the show is a compelling element as well, often used for ironic, wry effect. Let’s go on a quick tour of some of the tracks they’ve used in the show. I’ll keep it brief.

Eurythmics, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”

The billion + streamed track on the most underrated album of the 1980s of the same name.

Soft Cell, “Tainted Love/Where Did My Love Go”

New wave classic that encapsulates the entire vibe of the show – tortured love on a smoky dance floor, delicious druggy noir fun. Playing the shorter version of “Tainted Love” without the “Where Did My Love Go” coda is like eating french fries without ketchup.

Jeff Buckley, “Mama You’ve Been On My Mind”

Buckley’s “Mama” is the perfect sync for the meet the parents episode 4, the most dysfunctional portrait of a family since Fleabag.

Rick James, “Super Freak”

Each episode of Dead Ringers tends to have an ironic, somewhat comedic song playing over the end credits. We’ve just survived fifty minutes of twisted freaky black heart love; closing it out with “Super Freak” is a brillant chaser for the shot we just threw down.

Elvis Presley, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

Another deep dark dirty use of a generally angelic performance.

Happy (?) listening. Have a great weekend.