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Happy De La Weekend™️ to those who celebrate! It is indeed a joyous occasion – after many years, De La Soul’s classic albums are now finally on streaming services. It is a long and winding tale of underhanded music industry dealings, record company bankruptcy, and hard to clear music samples that will probably somehow be made into a limited series on Netflix. It is a homecoming of sorts for any veteran fan of rap music. As for my own appreciation of De La, let’s go back to the beginning.

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Music From My Dad(rock)

The DJ Dyllie Dally Origin Story: Last year my daughter took an Intro to Radio class at UC Santa Cruz, which allowed her to pitch and produce/host her own show. Her idea: “Music From My Dad”, a weekly themed show...

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Dadrock Travelogue

Travel truisms from the Great White North Took the Missus (Momrock?) up to Canada for a quick vacation last week. Some things we learned along the way Truism 1: Flying Is Taking The Bus Back in the day, flying was glamorous. ...

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